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Deep-dive Resources for Exploring & Expanding Your Unschooling Practice

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This exploration space is not an online course.

Instead, it's a growing community of revolutionary adults developing the language and practice of raising free people.

This community official opened on August 30, 2017. It has and will continue to grow since then, and as it does so, you'll maintain access to the myriad of resources I'm compiling and creating for you to feel through.

  • Deep-dive details about this daily practice
  • Links to research about the benefits and challenges
  • Real examples from real unschoolers
  • Unfiltered talks about obstacles to unschooling
  • Encouragement to keep going, and how to pivot
  • Suggestions for dealing with naysayers
  • Alternatives to punishment-based parenting
  • Help with transitioning from homeschooling
  • Help with transitioning from public/private schooling
  • Video footage from my live presentations
  • Audio footage from my live presentations
  • Links to research about Self-Directed Education
  • Interviews with other unschoolers (exclusively for us)
  • Monthly live group video chats/Q&A

You get videos, audios, images, suggested readings, and group (video) meetups.

Right now you have dozens of video, audio and direct links focused on raising free people and gaining more unschooling confidence. Among those resources include full access to Unschooling Explained, a webinar I hosted on July 12, 2017. More than 300 people participated, and I used their feedback to expound on the topics from the webinar, and include often-asked questions about related topics such as navigating our own baggage, the high relevance of self-care in unschooling, ways to create in-person community, dealing with our own parents’ issues with our choices, changing our minds, authentic self-expression, and of course, the daily practice of raising free people.

Unschooling Liberation Space is like our app for raising free people. It’s our nation, our safe space, and it will grow as we grow.

"I love the connections you've made and spelled out here. I'm joining because I want to further explore these concepts and how to apply them and bring them into action in my own life. I can't wait to keep learning!" - Katy Barrett

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  Unschooling Films
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  The Full Unschooling, Explained Webinar
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  How Unschooling & Liberation Intersect
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  10 Questions about Self-Directed Education
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Akilah S. Richards
Akilah S. Richards

Writer, mama, intersectional feminist, digital nomad, and unschooling activist. I produce podcasts, books, classes, and articles on radical self-expression in practice and in study. Find my conversations and commentary at akilahrichards.com/podcast where I support, connect, and highlight people of color designing their own liberation through Self-Directed Education and love-centered community building. Proud organizing member of The Alliance for Self-Directed Education.

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